The Western Cape department of Culture and Sport have developed a model for sporting codes to create sub structures under their respective unions. The Western Cape Canoe Union supports this initiative and the following metros have been created

Cape Town Canoeing – Chairman Peter van der Merwe

Through this management model, DCAS aims to:

  1. Manage the development of sports people across the age spectrum to enhance excellence and increase global competitiveness
  2. Ensure effective partnership with stakeholders
  3. Build capacity of stakeholders to leverage international, national and other external stakeholders
  4. Facilitate dispute and find resolution for disputes within stakeholders
  5. Transform sport through specific interventions
  6. Ensure global competitiveness
  7. Ensure identification of latent talent
  8. Ensure the development of latent talent and deployment of such talent
  9. Ensure participation of sport persons in national and international events to increase their competitiveness and in so doing, increase the participation base
  10. Ensure the creation of an enabling environment for the successful development of talented sports persons
  11. Ensure the establishment of regional academies in the five District Municipalities and the Cape Town Metro
  12. Ensure the development, implementation and maintenance of a talent nurturing system
  13. Ensure equity, access and growth opportunities for marginalised groupings in sport and recreation
  14. Ensure support for the application of new technology within the sector
  15. Ensure utilisation of applied research to enhance talent development programmes
  16. Develop a facilities plan for the province taking into consideration the historical pass legacies
  17. Ensure a plan to recognise the performance of deserving sports people