Presidents Trophy

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This competition was started in 1966 with the purpose of identifying the best WCCU paddler over an entire season, based on both performance and participation. Originally it was only applied to the open class, but in 1982 it was expanded to Juniors, and in 1983 it was applied to all official classes.

The results of a selected series of established WCCU races, referred to as “President’s Trophy races”, including all SA Championship, World Cup and World Championship Races, paddled between I January of each year up to and including the Fish River Marathon, are used to derive merit points, according to a defined formula. These points are aggregated, subject to a maximum number of races, and, in each class, the paddler with the highest score is the winner.
Which of the WCCU races count towards the President’s Trophy can be seen on the WCCU Fixture List (see References).

Only paddlers registered through a recognised WCCU club in WCCU are eligible for President’s Trophy points starting from the first race after their registration and payment of fees. Non-registered paddlers and paddlers registered in other Unions are not eligible.
Presidents Trophy Season
WCCU paddling season for President’s Trophy purposes starts from 1 January each year and ends with the Fish River Marathon in the same year
Registrations from the previous year are valid up to and including 31st March. Paddlers must ensure that they are timeously registered for the new season starting from 1st April.

(i) Boat Numbers
As in all official races run under the umbrella of Canoeing South Africa, the paddler’s National Registration Number must be prominently displayed on both sides of the front deck. Failure to comply with this can lead to no time being taken for the offender and no record kept. (See Special Note below)
(ii) Official Completion
Only those boats which finish within 175% of the time of the winner will have points awarded, anyone coming in later, will be regarded as not having finished.
(iii) Correct Craft
Each President’s Trophy race is specifically classified as being either K1 or K2. Participating in the wrong craft will result in not accumulating any points in the President’s Trophy competition (although times will be taken and records of completion will be kept by WCCU).
(iv) Special Note…
Failure to comply with the Boat Number rule above could be critical for a competitor. It means that (s)he has not completed the race officially.
If the race in question was a Berg or Breede qualifier, (s)he will not get credit for it and this might not leave the paddler enough qualifying races to be allowed to do the Berg or Breede.

The President’s Trophy classes are as defined earlier, under Racing Classes.

In each President’s Trophy race points are allocated in each of the various classes as follows:
(i) If it is a K1 race:
The first 9 competitors in each class each get points:
Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Points 15 11 8  6 5 4 3 2 1
(ii) If it is a K2 race:
The first 10 competitors (5 boats) in each class each get points:
Position 1 2 3 4 5

Points 12 8 5 3 1
K2 — Mixed Classes

Only K2 boats with both paddlers qualifying for the President’s Trophy Class in which they are competing get full points. The half point system was scrapped in April 2008.

There are several versions of mixed classes where paddlers can still earn full points:
(A) A-Class paddler with younger or older partner:
Both the A-class paddler and the partner earns full points in the A-class. The younger or older partner does not earn any points in their respective Classes
(B) Older age paddler (Sub Veterans to Super Masters) paddling with older class paddler:
Only the younger class paddler earns full points. The older class partner does not earn any points.
(C) Under 23 paddler with a Junior paddler:
Only the Under 23 class paddler earns full points. The Junior class partner does not earn any points.
(iii) If it is a multi-day race:
In multi-day races, each day counts as a separate race and failure to complete say day 4 of the ‘Berg’ does not detract from the result obtained on days 1, 2 and 3.
However, subsequent days in a multi-day race only count if the paddler is still officially in the race.
For example: For Berg day 4 results to count, the paddler must have officially completed days 1, 2 and 3.
(iv) International / National Events
If a WCCU-registered paddler participates in a World Championship, World Cup or SA Championship event, (s)he is awarded points for those event as for the local races, but based on the actual position obtained, except that, in the case of an international event, the points thus awarded are multiplied by 1.5, and in the case of a national event, by 1.25.
(v) SA Championship Race in WCCU

When a SA Championship race is held in the Western Cape area the normal WCCU rule for allocating President’s Trophy points will apply.
This means that the paddler’s relative position in the race according to WCCU paddlers only is taken ignoring non-WCCU paddlers and that there will be no extra multiplying of the points by 1.25
Races Used/Discarded:
(i) Sprints:
There are 4 sprint events each for K1 and K2 (200m, 500m, 1000m, 5000/10000m). Of these, the best 2 K1 and the best 2 K2 events count.
(ii) K1 Long Distance:
The 8 best K1 LD events count.
(iii) K2 Long Distance:
The 5 best K2 LD events count.
Therefore the aggregate is based on:
The best 2 K1 sprint results plus the best 2 K2 sprint results plus the best 8 K1 LD results and plus the best 5 K2 LD results.

In each class the person with the highest total score at the end of the season (after discards) is the winner of the President’s Trophy for that class.
Should there be a tie for first place, the higher K1 component of that total score will be used to determine the winner.
If this would still result in a tie, the person with the higher number of K1 wins is declared the winner.


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