Welcome to the 2015 WCCU Paddling Season!

Welcome back to what we hope will be a fantastic 2015/2016 paddling season. Check out our brand new website – after our previous one was irreparably hacked last year! This also comes with a new administrative contact e-mail – secretary@wccanoeunion.co.za. We will be phasing out the other e-mail addresses in the next few months.
The 2015 race calendar, version A, is available for download. Good news is that racing begins in 3 weeks with the Breede Summer series followed 2 weeks later by the West Coast Challenge. These are great startup races – not too strenuous, warm sunshine and great water for this time of year so make an effort to get onto the water early and kick start your season. Reregistration for the new season will begin in mid-February for 1 April – 2014 registrations are valid until 31 March 2015.

Enter now for the 2015 Breede Summer Series!
When: 31st January and 1st February 2015
Where: Breede River Valley with an optional overnight camp on the banks of the Breede at Rivierplaas Campsite for the paddlers /families/friends.

The event consists of 3 races all ending at Eilandia, between Worcester and Robertson:
– 2 shorter races on the Saturday (19km/11km) and one long distance on Sunday (27km)

Race Details:
Saturday 31st January
Race # 1: Osdrif – Eilandia
Start: 9.00am @ Osdrif bridge(Bonamanzi Adventures) on the R43 between Worcester and Villiersdorp
Registration from 8.00am
B-grade race, 19km
Lunch @ 12.00pm to 1.30pm – paddlers are asked to bring their own lunch/picnic as no catering is provided

Race # 2: Alfies Bridge to Eilandia
Start: 2.00pm @ Alfies Low level bridge on Scherpenhuewel/Eilandia road
Registration from 1.30pm
C-grade race, 11km

Sunday 1st February
Race # 3: Nekkies – Eilandia
Start: 9.00am at Nekkies Resort (outside Worcester)
Registration from 8.00am
B-grade race, 27km

Series Prizegiving – 1.00pm @ Eilandia finish for the series (prizes for paddlers who have competed in all 3 events in the same boat/combination)
IMPORTANT: – K1 – Paddlers in K1’s must have a river proficiency unless they are being accompanied by a coach/qualified A-grade paddler who must stay with the paddler at all times.
K2 – Unqualified paddlers i.e. flatwater rated paddlers must only paddle in the back of a K2 with an A/B -grade paddler.
Cutoff points will be in place at Alfies bridge for Race # 1 and Race # 2 – paddlers not making Alfies bridge by the cutoff times which will be included in the pre-race briefings will be pulled off the water.

Entry forms are attached for reduced rate pre-entries otherwise entries on the day are welcome. Official racing class this year is K1 but prizes will be allocated to the first 3 K2’s and lucky draws/leftover prizes will be shared amongst the other competitors. Brandvlei dam in Worcester, releases water into the Breede to assist the farmers with irrigation at this time of year and it’s a great opportunity to paddle in the summer and also introduce new paddlers to the sport before the cold kicks in and only the really brave venture out onto the icy water!
Overnight camping is available at Rivierplaas alongside the river (2km from Alfies Bridge) for those wanting to make a weekend of it. All info is available on their website – www.rivierplaas.co.za
Pls note that racing begins earlier than usual because of the heat in the valley – don’t be late!!! -Anyone volunteering to sweep qualifies for free entry and overnight camping on Saturday.

For any other info contact Laura on 084 700 2742/secretary@wccanoeunion.co.za

Happy Paddling!

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